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Evolve Central Appalachia

Evolve Central Appalachia (Evolve CAPP)

Project Description:
The Evolve Central Appalachia (Evolve CAPP) project is developing & implementing strategies that enable the region to realize its full economic potential for producing rare earth elements (REE), critical minerals (CM), & high-value, nonfuel, carbon-based products. Strategies will be presented to spur economic growth, close supply chain gaps, promote investment in the region, and address workforce education and training opportunities.

Project Objectives:
1. Determine the quantity & distribution of resources in the region 
2. Formulate strategies to utilize coal waste streams to produce useful fuels & materials
3. Evaluate regional infrastructure & identify industries that may benefit from REE & CM production
4. Develop strategies to encourage business development
5. Guide research & development of new technologies
6. Frame plans to establish technology innovation centers
7. Implement stakeholder outreach & education initiatives

Project Benefits:

  • Acceleration of technologies to recover & utilize resources in an environmentally & socially responsible manner
  • Potential reduction in U.S. dependence on foreign sources of REE & CM by utilizing the region’s vast natural resources & skills to extract additional resources from coal & associated byproducts
  • Development of additional revenue streams through the production of new carbon-based products

Upcoming Events

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You can find DOE Project information related to Evolve CAPP research: here