The Virginia Center for Coal and Energy Research was created by an Act of the Virginia General Assembly on March 30, 1977, as an interdisciplinary study, research, information and resource facility for the Commonwealth of Virginia. In July of that year, a directive approved by the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors placed the VCCER under the University Provost because of its intercollegiate character, and, because the Center's mandate encompasses the three missions of the University: instruction, research and extension.

Derived from its legislative mandate and years of experience, the mission of the VCCER involves five primary functions:

  • Research in interdisciplinary energy and coal-related issues of interest to the Commonwealth
  • Coordination of coal and energy research at Virginia Tech and in the Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Dissemination of coal and energy research information and data to users in the Commonwealth
  • Examination of socio-economic implications related to energy and coal development and associated environmental impacts
  • Assistance to the Commonwealth of Virginia in implementing the Commonwealth’s energy plan

New Holden Hall

VCCER will be house in space designed for us on the third floor of the renovated Holden Hall.

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Virginia Tech has announced a request for proposals for Oilfield Services in Wise County, in support of the project “Field Laboratory for Stacked Unconventional Plays (ESUP),” awarded to Virginia Tech by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Fossil Energy.  This project is led by the Virginia Center for Coal and Energy Research.  For complete information, see RFP 0058405 on the Virginia Tech Bids and RFPs page: https://www.apps.vpfin.vt.edu/html.docs/bids.php

Coal-fired power generation plants world wide from 2000 to the future

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The VCCER is a member of the research team participating in SECARB-USA, one of the four projects that comprise the Regional Initiative to Accelerate CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage) through cooperative funding from the US Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy.

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