The Appalachian Research Initiative for Environmental Science (ARIES) supports research in the Central Appalachian States of Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Ohio.

Its main areas of research include:


  • Stream protection and restoration in Appalachia
  • Materials characterization and handling
  • Environmental impacts and mitigation of energy production in Appalachia
  • Community health well-being in energy production areas in Appalachia

across 30 different departments with more than 60 academic researchers and more than 90 student researchers resulting in more than 70 peer-reviewed research publications.

ARIES represents the most comprehensive, transdisciplinary approach to environmental considerations in energy production in this region. Though responding initially to coal, this Researcher Cadre has developed working relationships and expertise that can be applied to energy production such as natural gas and wind as well as to other kinds of environmental intervention such as construction or power production.